The Brief

Aker wanted the most cost effective, ergonomic workstation solution possible. Acknowledging the welfare of their staff as a key priority, Aker designed their brief to ensure the health and happiness of the staff was catered for. Due to the volume of workstations required they also wanted a cost-effective solution.

The Solution

We were successfully awarded the desk supply package for Aker Solutions' as we best met the brief in terms of functionality, quality and cost of the product. We achieved this through utilising our in-house product design and 3rd party manufacturing facilities. In a time when sit-stand desks were just taking off in the UK market, we re-imagined the design and drove the production costs down to meet with Aker's expectations. We provided Aker with thousands of state of the art electronic 'sit-stand' desks, which allows employees to adjust the height of their desks at the push of a button so that they may sit or stand whilst they work.

Significant research has been done into the benefits of standing whilst we work and in having the ability to move around. Wagstaff recognise that a happy and healthy workforce contributes to a great company and that the sit stand desks we provided gives employees freedom to change position at the touch of a button to help promote health and wellbeing.

Our team love having the ability to switch from sitting to standing in seconds, it's easy so they do it! Simon Goldsmith Aker

Project Insight

The new 335,000 sq. ft. office building, which houses 2,500 staff, consists of office space and related facilities, including a fitness center with squash courts, catering facilities, a nursery, medical facilities and an auditorium

We installed the Wagstaff Go height adjustable bench system alongside a number of other high quality products from Brunner, Hands, Orangebox, Vitra to name but a few.

The project was carried out over a 10 week period where our project team worked hard to ensure that the building could be occupied by Aker Solutions on time.
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