The Brief

The Police Authority for London currently occupies a number of buildings on their site in Hendon. Quite a few of these buildings had come to the end of their design life and due to organisational changes, it was decided to consolidate a number of these facilities into a single building. The new 21,475m2 build comprises a training and operational facility including education spaces, canteen, gym, shooting range and multifunction spaces. Wagstaff were challenged to design a furniture scheme and layout, which would fit in with Bennetts overall design philosophy for the building.

The Solution

Working closely with the architect our team sourced a variety of furniture options with different finishes to be approved and signed off by the client. A strict budget was adhered to whilst sourcing quality, design-led furniture, which would sit harmoniously within the new building. The facility houses approximately 1,100 staff on floors 2 and 3 plus space for 340 officers to be trained by a team of specialist-training officers. Areas have been divided by furniture upholstered in specific coloured fabric that picks up on the old house colours from when cadets actually lived on the campus.

I've enjoyed working with the team at Wagstaff to fulfil our environmental obligations across the estate Keith Limburn

Project Insight

Attention to detail was key in ordering, processing and installing furniture over three floors to ensure every piece of furniture in the correct colour was positioned perfectly.

Our installation team took great pride in the alignment of multiple pieces of furniture to continue the clean lines and order of the building. Lots of furniture can be seen from the floors above so this was critical for a clean and aligned look. 

As part of the program Wagstaff helped to move staff from the existing buildings that needed to be freed up and sold, the staff were found temporary workspace elsewhere on site with a minimal financial impact.

These employees now get to work in a state-of-the-art facility with more collaborative working spaces, more open plan areas for agile working 

and conveniently positioned breakout spaces next to classrooms for group work and relaxation. The project ran smoothly from start to finish without any major changes or disruption to the program;

Our ability to add value to the project by aiding the client & architect in the process of design and furniture procurement is testament to our experience, skill set and ability to collaborate successfully..
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