The Brief

As part of our national contract to fit-out and furnish new Regus serviced office sites, we received the brief for Berkeley Square, London in October 2019. This would be one of the most prestigious Regus sites that we have worked on for the IWG group to date. Not only was the project a refresh site with all offices still occupied with existing clients, we faced the unforeseeable challenge of Covid 19 and a national lock down....

The Solution

Against all odds we managed to work within the restrictions of the government lockdown guidelines, re-writing our RAMS to comply with the construction leadership council to keep the project moving and fulfil our contractual obligation with our client.

We were really impressed with how the Wagstaff team quickly reacted and adapted to the Covid 19 lock down restrictions, working through the restrictions safely and diligently to minimise the delay on site was so important to us, we can’t thank the team enough. JP Dorrian Regus Area Manager

Project Insight

Little did we know the unforeseeable challenges that we would face with this project and the lengths we would have to go to to keep the project moving through a national lock down. At the time of its construction in the mid 70’s the buildings floor span was the largest in Europe. So the scope of works were on a large scale, the other challenge we faced was

that we couldn’t work or receive any deliveries during normal working hours so everything had to be carried out between 7pm to 7am. The works included refitting 123 occupied offices where each occupant had to be consulted prior to commencing our work, which included installing all new glazing with crittell panelling, the glass had to be lifted by

hand up two flights of stairs into the building. Other areas of the build included a new reception, business lounge, co-working space, kitchen and break-out areas as well as new meeting rooms. As the lock down restrictions took hold travelling to site was an issue, materials deliveries stopped, labour reduced and the project had to come to a stop for 4 days.

In this time we worked diligently with our client and rewrote our documentation to allow us to continue to work in a restricted manner, implementing new RAMS, temperature checks, marking 2m distance guides and providing hand sanitiser to allow the project to continue. We started to report back daily to our client with a list of work which we could carry out safely and a long list of jobs which we couldn’t complete due to social distancing measures.
As new versions of the CLC document were released we could get on with more tasks, version 3 allowed working in pairs closer than 2m for no longer than 15 minutes which allowed us to complete two person jobs like hanging doors, fitting large ceiling fittings etc.. with the restrictions easing we kept pushing to get the project over the line and the completed job looks fantastic.
The accessibility of the team made the difference between a good experience and an excellent one, they were only one phone call or text message away and were always ready to help. Despite some demanding time frames and unforeseen obstacles, Wagstaff were professional at all times, we are delighted with the quality of workmanship and it was genuinely a pleasure to work with them. JP Dorrian Regus Area Manager
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