The Brief

As part of our national contract with IWG and the Regus brand the brief has always been simple, 'to build beautiful centres for a really great price'. We have to adhere to the strict design guidelines but also have to make interesting design and product choices, to make each site extra special. We pride ourselves on our pre-construction work, making sure budget, plans and designs are all set and agreed before starting on site so there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises for our client

The Solution

We also pride ourselves on accommodating any client requests for changes, always aiming to complete them without a cost or change to the program. We love to build good relationships with our clients, this allows them to talk with us freely about any queries or concerns, with this open dialogue projects run smoothly, Winnersh was no exception and was delivered on time.

All of the team have become really close which is nice, we love their tenacity to deliver, the great personalities in the team and the fact that they get it on point every single time. Celine Ansari: Property Services Director: Regus Group
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