The Brief

Following on from the successful refurbishment in 2017 of Auto Trader's Staff Restaurant in Manchester their operations / facilities team asked us to look into options for remodelling the London office and to reduce the floor space from 15000sq ft to 10000 sq ft and with greater emphasis given to the client experience whilst in the office

The Solution

The Manchester works in 2017 was very much themed around the brick railway arches located nearby. For the London Office it was decided that the London Underground should be used as a theme... this was particularly detailed in the Breakout Area with its curved tiled wall replicating that of a tube station to the concrete vinyl wrapped tunnel where the Mini's are suspended. Shades of Grey were used as core colours with hints of yellow for highlights.

I wanted to say a huge thank you for your support and patience during the fit out – it looks amazing. #Proud. Ian and the team have been absolutely great – the standard and pace of work is incredible A huge thank you from me and all of the staff here at KX – thank you Kirsten Wrightson

Project Insight

The newly refurbished space provides work stations for all of the London Staff with Meeting Facilities, Theatre Style Learning Area, a larger Breakout Space

together with 2000sq ft of flexible Client Space that can quickly be configured to suit various purposes.

The central Concierge Area acts as a Reception with the Openplan Area located to one side and the Client Space and Breakout to the other

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