The Brief

Our role as furniture specialists (through our exclusive framework agreement) was to form part of the NBS wider design team along with Summer Inman and Dalziel & Pow to source and test drive furniture to fulfil their design vision. Ramsbury house follows the design ethos of the retail 4C scheme by bringing the same look, feel and collaboration areas from retail to connect the high street brand to the administration team. But as a new space set over two floors for over 700 digital staff, the space offers so much more.

The Solution

We helped to source furniture and equipment options for the numerous and unique spaces envisaged as part of this groundbreaking design. Not only did we provide 700 workstations (20% with sit-stand functionality) we also worked hard to provide the most suitable options for the "Scrum" collaboration areas, meeting rooms, café, restaurant and collaboration areas, along with bike racks, changing rooms, gym equipment, wellness rooms, quiet zooms and a Library space.

Project Insight

As with all multi-supplier projects the devil is in the detail. With well over 40 suppliers we had to nail the exact specification of each piece, coordinate deliveries over the two phases whilst ensuring we were procuring with best value for our client. We had two weeks per phase to deliver install and leave the site snag free.

We also worked in partnership with Waste to Wonder to relocate the existing unwanted furniture from the site. This project forms our Romania waste to wonder case study where you can see the full process of this fantastic initiative. The Ramsbury house project leads the way on many fronts designed to support

staff with disabilities or health conditions with a supportive and flexible working environment. The energy being used to run the building comes from 100% renewable sources, the construction has a high percentage of recyclable materials and the re-use of unwanted furniture to support charities abroad all adds up to a very ethical and stainable project which we are proud to be a part of.
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