EMCOR UK is pleased to invite you to the first in a series of ‘Workplace Know-How’ sessions designed to help you create workplaces that support and enhance the performance, productivity and wellbeing of the people who occupy them.

Wednesday 8th of May, 3:30-6:30pm
Wagstaff Interiors Group, 9 Brewhouse Yard, Clerkenwell London, EC1V 4JR

Refreshments will be served followed by canapés and networking drinks

Come and join us for an interactive session of knowledge sharing and networking.

Places are limited!

Is Workplace CO2 Stifling Productivity?
It’s not all hot air when you Know-How.

EMCOR's first ‘Workplace Know-How’ session will take a close look at how indoor environmental qualities impact the productivity of your workforce and what can be done about it right now.

COME and hear workplace leaders discussing factors affecting cognitive performance

LEARN how knowledge and data can be used to enhance the employee experience

DISCOVER solutions to improve your workplace productivity

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