Healthy working

Healthy Working

This is a topic that seems to be popping up more and more in the media at the moment and we think the general awareness of the health of you and your employees is slowly becoming more prominent in our working culture.

So what do we mean by healthy working?

More and more scientific studies are coming to light which suggest/prove that sitting down for prolonged periods i.e. at your desk is not a very healthy way to spend your day.

In fact there are some very alarming statistics demonstrating that by sitting for more than 4 hours a day can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

and diabetes. Another interesting fact that you may not be aware of is that the average office worker can be sedentary for up to 12 hours in a working day.

Just break it down, 1 hour travelling to work, 8 hours sat at your desk, another hour to get home and up to 2 hours in front of the TV or surfing the net.

Why not send your documents to the furthest printer

This blog is not about the scaremongering you into not going to work but hopefully it will be another source of information illustrating that sitting for too long is just not good for you.

From an individual point of view there are some simple habits to try and adopt to make sure you keep active throughout the day and they can be as simple as just standing up.

Why not send your documents to the furthest printer, stand up when you are talking on the phone, take regular breaks and take the stairs, not the lift!

It takes only 4 hours of continuous sitting for the body to go into a type of sleep mode when the genes regulating the amount of glucose and fat in the body start to shut down.

Engaging in as large a variety of postures as is possible throughout the day is the healthiest work style pattern that can be adopted.

Okay so from an individuals point of view being aware and being more dynamic is a must but as an employer you have a responsibility for your team’s welfare.

In Britain 4 out of 5 employees will be affected by back pain

Providing an ergonomic workstation is key and promoting healthier work patterns will only be hugely beneficial to your team but also to your business.

In Britain 4 out of 5 employees will be affected by back pain, this results in 4.5 million days off work per year and costs employers £335 million per annum in absenteeism.

Promoting healthy working and investing in ergonomic workstations is the quickest way to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity. This is by no means a new concept,

The UK has been slow to adopt the idea but the Scandinavians have embraced this healthy working culture for years and not coincidentally have the lowest obesity rates in the world.

But the UK is starting to wake up Centrica/British Gas have just installed over 600 height adjustable, sit-stand desks at their new Oxford facility and many more large organisations are following suit, realising their responsibility to provide a healthy working environment for their employees.

At Wagstaff we have a quality sit-stand desk portfolio at affordable price points to help businesses take that step towards healthy working. Why not take a look and get involved for the sake of you and your team.

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