We can make a difference

You won't find another sweeping statement about how we run our business in the 'greenest' way possible and we don't claim to be saving the world with a few generic environmental policies, that would be ridiculous, but as a company and as a group of individuals we do realise that we can make a difference.

Our CSR is more than just a statement of good intent

Waste is something that we should all oppose, there is no gain in any form of being wasteful, waste costs money, stretches resources and it screams of inefficiency and incompetence.

We hope to set a new level of social and environmental awareness and in doing so we have taken a holistic approach to encompass more than just a reuse and recycle policy.

Our CSR is more than just a statement of good intent, we have broken it down into real processes that we have implemented and which will continue to develop and grow in the future, for the good.

Annual reports

Our CSR is split into two camps environmental and community. Each year we produce an annual report documenting all the great initiatives we have achieved in the last year in both of these areas. Request your copies here

The environmental report focuses on our continual effort to reduce our companies carbon footprint and the work we do with our waste management partner (Waste to Wonder) to help our clients reduce theirs. Our community report focuses on group

events to charity as well as documenting our employees volunteering days, which are gifted to each member of staff every year. The annual reports acts as real proof that continued commitment to act in a socially and environmentally positive way.

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