Getting the right brief is key

The most important element of any design is having the right brief! In order to make sure we put all our expertise, energy and creativity in the right direction we need to understand what makes your company tick. We love to get right inside the heart of what you do

we want to understand your culture. It’s this culture which we design for, every business is different regardless of what you do. We don’t just assume that because you are a tech company all your employees will be like ‘X’ or because your company is in finance your company culture is ‘Y’

We try to extract as much information about your employees, culture, ways of working, necessities etc… through detailed analysis, multiple meetings, site visits and interviews, so we can base our design on fact and not assumptions, and you know what they say about assumptions…

A best practise workplace helps a business achieve its goals

Having this valuable data means our design team can set to work to not only create a fantastic place to work but ensure your staffs well being, creativity & engagement is enhanced.

We believe flexibility breeds a sense of autonomy and freedom, which empowers your employees and helps them to achieve their potential. We strive to create spaces that reflect a culture, which drives and motivates

people. It is commonly recognised that office space is seen as a significant factor in recruiting the best people, retaining staff and maximising staff potential.

Please contact us to start your journey.

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