Reduce, re-use, recycle. Simple..

As part of our continual development, we have developed a series of initiatives to help our customers to responsibly manage unwanted furniture in a sustainable and cost effective way. Although furniture may have reached

the end of its life in its current environment it doesn't have to be the end of the road. By re-using one desk, pedestal and task chair you can save 177 kgs of CO2, when you consider that an estimated figure of 250,000 units

of furniture comes to the end of its life each year, by re-using just 50% could save 23,000 tonnes of CO2 released into the atmosphere, plus a new owner gets furniture they need at little or no cost. 

We have 5 avenues to avoid landfill

1. Waste to Wonder: We have partnered with this initiative set up as part of the Big Bright Futures Charity to re-home unwanted furniture for charitable causes both in the UK and abroad.

2. Internal Churn: We can set your business up with an internal Swap Shop database, to allow staff to pick and choose from company stock. We will manage the whole process and our national logistics teams will get it where it needs to be

3. Five Lives: Our online used furniture store where you can buy quality re-used products;

4. Purchasing for hire: Thats right, if your furniture fits the bill we will buy it from you to use as hire stock. Our Hire team will assess the furniture and collect it from you.

5. Recycle: Recycling to us means segregating products into their core elements, wood, metal, plastic etc... this is done at our distribution hubs before being collected by local recycling companies.

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