Our dedicated team is the core of the company 

We are a tight knit team of passionate individuals who love working in the commercial interiors industry, delivering 100's of successful projects every year

Established in 1903 we have been one of the most prominent names in the interior furniture and fit-out industry. Our financial strength and independence gives our team a unique and powerful base to operate from, giving us the

freedom to work without restriction and deliver fantastic projects time and time again;
What does it take to deliver multi-million pound projects on time and in budget?

A dedicated team - behind every project we have experienced and passionate people doing their thing! Analysing, designing, visualising, presenting, quoting, communicating, managing logistics,

managing suppliers, processing information and delivering your project, we all work together and strive for excellence;

Just ask our customers; relationships which we've maintained for decades. We believe business is personal and when you've been around as long as we have you know good relationships are key to a successful business.

Largest direct furniture provider in the UK

Size isn’t everything but as the largest direct seller of commercial furniture in the UK we offer some great advantages. Through our buying power we reduce our costs and pass the savings on to our customers and by selling to you direct we shorten

the supply chain, which means you are not paying for multiple companies profits. Our product independence means we’re not limited to what we can offer you, this makes our product knowledge vast, current and allows us to give truly independent advice.

We work for you, negotiating on your behalf with our suppliers to provide you with the most relevant products at the most competitive price. We even offer ‘Open book’ supply options for complete transparency.

Single source supplier

We could be your single source supplier? Deal with one company, one friendly point of contact with concise communication and enjoy combined savings across our 6 core services, workplace consultancy, interior design, Reuse/recycleinterior fit-out, furniture supply or hire and move management.

Our cost transparency models allows you to see where every penny goes and we can provide multi-supplier product procurement through a single source with faster delivery, we take care of the logistics between all elements of your project and we can do

this nationally across all your sites from our regional offices and distribution hubs. Because we are doing it all, we don’t have to wait for any third parties, we can overlap tasks and communicate easily to deliver your project in record time!

Heritage & financial security 

We were established in 1903 and a lot has changed in that time but being part of a company that has been around for over 115 years gives us a feeling of comfort and security. Continual reinvestment over the years has meant that we have weathered many storms and have the ability to weather more to come.

We have a diverse client base, £5 million of working cash capital, with our business being split 40% public sector and 60% commercial, which helps us exceed £51 million turnover. For our customers this means we represent a low financial risk. We underwrite all of our suppliers warranties, we buy at the best rates negotiating 30 day terms to improve our cash flow and have the

means of paying up front when necessary to keep projects running on time. We are less affected by market downturns due to our diverse client base, which is split across 6 different core income service streams across 9 different national locations. All in all what we’re trying to say is that we’re proud of our heritage and by working with us means you are with a safe pair of hands.

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